SN Chemical Indistries Ltd

About Us

SN Chemical Industries Ltd. Is a manufacturing company that provides, industrial flooring chemicals, and all types of construction chemicals. We are the specialist in Epoxy and PU flooring, Waterproofing, and Floor Hardener. The benefits of our industrial flooring system include high chemical resistance, hygiene, low odor, smooth & anti-slip system, high abrasion resistance, etc.
We are a leading industrial flooring supplier and manufacturer. Our flooring system consists of two or three-layer epoxy resin floor coating systems for concrete and similar substrates. Applied thickness 1-3mm. Besides that, our products have been trusted as excellent quality and safety standards. It can make your workplace a better place to work.
In SN Chemical Industries Ltd. We have a professional and experienced team to provide design and installation services to what customers need. Quality flooring help to enhance productivity, and increase waterproof performance.

Area of use
  • Pharmaceutical & laboratories
  •  Light & medium duty industrial floors
  •  Workshops, stories, showrooms
  •  Clean rooms, computer rooms, corridors
  •  Schools and offices
  •  Production & warehouse
  •  Supermarket & shopping malls
  •  Dry process areas

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us. We will be pleased to answer any inquiries you have.