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SN Chemicals Industries Ltd, manufacturing Polyurethane flooring products SN CRETE MF in Bangladesh. World best raw materials with German formulation ensuring the best quality. In the Bangladesh market, We are importing from Malaysia and supplying to our Dealer, Distributors, Contractors, Applicators, and Industrial / Factory Customers. We are offering guaranteed best Price best SN CRETE MF floor Crete products in Bangladesh. SN CRETE MF is the best industrial flooring solution in Bangladesh.

SN CRETE MF is a 3-component, seamless polyurethane concrete flooring system. It has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties. It is resistant to organic acids, dilute mineral acids, vegetable and animal fats, petroleum oils, and solvents. It is suitable for use in conditions of a wide temperature range between -5°C to +70°C (3 mm); -15 to +70 (4 mm) or as broadcasted system up to +90°C (5–6 mm). Exposed to UV and weathering SN CRETE MF is not color stable.

3 Component heavy-duty polyurethane hybrid flooring screed.


  • Good chemical resistance
  • High impact and abrasion resistance high thermal shock resistance
  • wide service temperatures -15°C – +90°C hygienic surface
  • Complies to HACCP requirements odorless, non-tainting to food
  • Solvent-free low emission


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food processing & Beverages
  • Hospitals & Warehouses
  • Chemicals & Engineering
  • Hotel, Cafeteria, Kitchen
  • Textile & any kinds of Industries
  • Any kinds of heavy-duty load areas


1.9 kg/m2 1mm Thickness


Please note our general processing guidelines for SN Crete systems. SN Crete systems should only be processed by trained personnel.

Surface Preparation:

Concrete substrate shall be firm, clean, and dry with a surface pull-off strength of a minimum of 1.5 N/mm². The substrate quality should be a monolithic reinforced concrete with min. C25/30 according to EN 206-1, (except light-weight concrete), or cement screeds in the composite, minimum CT-C30-F4, minimum layer thickness 25 mm, for other substrate see our general application guidelines for SN CRETE concrete systems.

Self-Levelling Coating / Wear Coat:

Apply the self-leveling coat SN CRETE MF with a notched trowel or spatula or with a notched squeegee in the required layer thickness onto the primed surface. The entrapped air must be de-aerated with a spike roller. The consumption is approx. 5.7–7.6 kg/m² depending on the required layer thickness.

After curing remove not bound QS by sweeping and vacuum cleaning. If low slip resistance is required grind the surface slightly before vacuum cleaning.


Before starting the application, the material temperature must be close to the site conditions but should have min. 10°C.Dispense the color paste into Component A. Mix to disperse the color paste (1 minute) until homogeneous, add component B, and mix (1.5 to 2 minutes) until homogeneous using an electric stirrer with a speed of min. 300 rpm.

Over Coating:

Overcoating should be carried out within 24 hours after the application of SN CRETE MF. If longer than 24 hours, it is necessary to lightly grind the surface before over-coating is carried out.


Green, Yellow, Red, Grey, Light Gray, Cream, and More


SN CRETE MF is available in a 20/25 Kg Set formulated ready to use mixture component pack